Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Paradise is any given moment

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, paradise is in the eye of the beholders imagination. Sun, sea, sand and warmth is pleasant but i'll take the excitement of the wind announcing its self like a herd of buffalo coursing through the mountain side before it flattens you, experiencing mother nature's force of rain, cold and hail, the views and of course the wonderful, diverse, brilliant amazing gang that braved the exciting elements together in Snowdon.
Together we can brave the storm of mental illness, had I been in the storm at Snowdon on my own I dare say it would have defeated me to a point if not totally, but together we braved it, together we beat it, together we were in paradise. Together made the views sparkle and the bad weather exciting rather than dull, dreary or daunting, together in mental illness we can reach paradise too. My experience of mental illness at the start was very much alone, scary, daunting and at times I did wonder if i was going to survive it for a long time, selfish thoughts of ending it all through desperation to escape from that heard of buffalo that are trampling you like the winds. Even when you try to get up they trample you down again, then the anguish and guilt for what you have put loved ones through for having these thoughts or even attempting to carry them through, thank God not successfully! My family have been my rock through out, I would definitely not have survived without them and still don't know what I would do without them! Some people are not so fortunate to have such a loving family! 
Along the way on my journey with mental illness and recovery I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of amazing people, a community of people who have suffered the same, many of which have become dear friends who have all survived the storm. I now realize I am not alone, they are not alone, we are all together and together we can make a change and find our own little paradise and help others understand, thanks Lisa for this project, you're a diamond.

Lloyd Adrian Quinn

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