Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A journey with a Yellow Suitcase

What a journey us and The Yellow Suitcase have had! We have experienced so much in a few days, we battled what seemed like hurricane 70 mph winds, snow, sleet, rain which of course we all expected, that's obligatory in Wales and tents that blew away in the night. We all captured memories that will stay with us forever. As all great story tellers know the stories get embellished over time to become more wonderful, grand, funny tragic. Our Story  from the mountain will never need to be embellished it was quite perfect just the way it became full of drama from the outset.
Well 5 of us left Reading to head off to Snowdonia to take The Yellow Suitcase up to Snowdon to launch our project. We got way up into the gods but then the snow came down and the 70 mph winds got even stronger and we were so near the summit but didn't quite make it as we were warned it was too dangerous to go further. For us though the project is launched the Yellow Suitcase has come down the mountain and is now ready to go off on it's journey into peoples lives to help them overcome what can seem like mountains when faced with mental health issues.
I think a little bit of us all changed on the mountain the , sheer size, space and beauty of that astounding place will be with us all our life times. We have been so lucky to have been at the beginning of something very special that we hope will make a difference.
We want to thank everybody for their amazing support, we couldn't have done it without you !
You can see our photo gallery from our trip . Photo gallery

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